Welcome to

Knidia ecoFarm !

Enjoy peace and nature in heart of ancient Datça!

Discover our Farm

Knidia covers an area of 12 acres made up of a daily living space and a vineyard. There is also a pond  used for irrigation and cooling purposes on the farm, together with an orchard of various fruit trees, and a carpentry workshop.

Eco Tourism

Knidia has welcomed many guests since its birth. It started with friends, who told their friends and so word-of-mouth spread until we found people who had just heard of us coming to visit us. All of our visitors kindly shared our work and our table with us, while sleeping in whatever corners could be made comfortable at night.

The Location

The Knidia Ecofarm is located on the Datça peninsula in Değirmenbükü, 3 Kms from the village of Yazıköy (nearest settlement to Knidos).

Our Products

Knidia products are consist of olive oil, carob molasses, soap, Datça almonds and wine.