the farm

Knidia covers an area of 12 acres made up of a daily living space and a vineyard. There is also a pool used for irrigation and cooling purposes on the farm, together with an orchard of various fruit trees, and a carpentry workshop.

Three old Greek stone buildings within the farm area have been restored with great care taken for preserving their authenticity. At the moment one of these buildings is being used as an olive oil mill and the others as accommodation.

In the area where Knidia is based there is no municipal water or electricity network. However, all water needs, including irrigation, are covered by the natural spring water which runs within the farm area. The electrical requirements are provided ecologically through a combination of solar panels and a wind generator.  Connecting to main power supply is also in progress.

In addition to all of this, we also have around 100 acres of land close by around Knidia ecoFarm, with olive groves, hundreds of almond trees and some carob trees; St. John Bread is also a common name for carob fruit from which we produce the unique “carob molasses”,  sometimes also called “carob honey”.