Olive oil is produced at Knidia with by following the "old method".
The pressing workshop was established by first restoring a Greek stone building about 100 years old and than by bringing together the necessary equipment from old olive mills.
As the first step of production, not fully ripe olives are hand picked and brought to the press on the same day to be ground. It is very important for the olives to be ground on the same day they are picked in order to preserve their flavour and health characteristics.
The olives which have been picked are first washed and separated from their leaves and than moved into the stone wheels to be ground. Our wheel which is made up of two big granite stones is powered by a diesel motor from the 60’s.
The ground olives are then spread into the specially made coconut fibre sacks. The sacks are then stacked up on top of each other inside the press. The press, going back to 1957, is still worked by manpower. As a result of the pressure applied inside the press, olive oil is extracted in its natural form. The extracted oil is never subject to any water or heating processes, we especially avoid heath -it causes loss of some natural characteristics of the oil-, so the oil produced is truly extra-virgin olive oil.
Last, the extra-virgin olive oil which has been produced is filtered by passing through cotton wool and kept in inox tanks until they are bottled.