Knidia, has welcomed many guests since it's birth. It started with friends, then their friends and then ones “hearing” and coming to visit us. All of our visitors have kindly worked and shared the same table with us, while sleeping in various corners they found at night.
In the early days of the farm an ecotourism idea came about both due to all the attention and gratification received, plus the need to be able to sustain the existence of the farm. It is still working today...


Accommodation at Knidia are made up of four wooden huts, each accommodating two people and three stone houses that can accommodate up to 3 people, depending on the size of the house. The huts have been designed as half open in order to continue the interaction with nature while being protected from flies and insects. All of the huts have been built alongside the beautiful valley; some on the running water and some on the slopes.
As for our kitchen; for the last two years we have been able to supply almost all our vegetable needs from our own garden. Preparing the meals usually turns in to a joyful fest together with our guests. Most of the meals are cooked on wood fire and we produce our own bread. The best part comes as our home made wine accompanies us during the dinners and nice evening chats.
Full board accommodation at Knidia are offered in stone houses and in huts. Please inquire about pricing through our contact form.


TATUTA (agriculture-tourism-barter) is a project designed by the Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living in order to provide support to farms trying to maintain ecological farming. The project aims to encourage and sustain ecological farming by providing financial, volunteer and information support to farmers on one hand, while on the other, intending to bring modern city inhabitants together with nature and agricultural activities. There are about 60 farms working for a sustainable way of life in the framework of the project.
Knidia has been a part of the TATUTA project since 2005.